How Can I Set Up A Payment Plan?

Unfortunately, we don't have a payment plan program to offer, but we are absolutely willing to reach out to your health care provider's office on your behalf to inquire if they can make this option available to you.

Please click the "Contact Us" button below and provide us the following information:

1. Your Health Care Provider's Name

2. Your Name (First and Last)

3. Your Date of Birth

4. The Date of Service

5. The Balance Due In Need of Financing/Payment Plan Option

6. The Ideal Payment Plan Arrangements (for example: Balance due is $500. Requesting the ability to pay $100/month for the next 5 months.)

7. A Brief Summary of Need for Concession (for example: I recently moved and finances are restricted, etc).

Any information that you feel would be pertinent to include that you feel would be appropriate for us to share in an effort to help us communicate your needs to your provider will be great.  

Please note that we can't guarantee that the payment plan will be made an option, but we will certainly reach out on your behalf.

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