I Have Already Paid For This Service. Why Am I Receiving A Bill?

Please send our support team an email (click the "Contact Us" link below) and indicate the following:

1. Your Health Care Provider's Name

2. Your Name (first and last)

3. Your Date of Birth

4. The Date of Service

5. Procedure in Question & and Amount of Charge

6. Date of Payment

7. Method of Payment  (Cash, Check, Credit Card)

8. Payment Details (for example, if you have paid by check, please indicate the check number, date you mailed the check, and the address you mailed the check to)

9. Proof of Payment (if Applicable): If you have paid by Cash or Credit card, please scan and upload your payment receipt as an attachment.  If you paid by Check in person in your healthcare provider's office and also have a proof of payment receipt, please scan and upload that receipt.

We look forward to investigating this further on your behalf.

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