I've Already Paid All CoPays Due. Why Did I Receive A Bill?

If you have paid any co-pays applicable, and you are receiving a balance due at this time, one of the following scenarios might be applicable:

1. If your insurance deductible has been met, the amount covered for the service is determined by your insurance plan (80%, 60%, etc).  In this case, any discrepancy between the covered amount and the total due is the patient's responsibility.  


2. If your insurance deductible has not been met, the balance due for the service is typically the patient's responsibility. 

This list is not exhaustive and there could be other reasons not described above that could be contributing to the charges you are receiving.  

In any case, we recommend that you reach out directly to your insurance company to further clarify the reasons for the charges in question. For your convenience, your insurance company support number may usually be found on your insurance card.

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